Protest against denial of

Mr. Jens Galschiot’s entry to Hong Kong

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28 April, 2008



To:                 Mr. Donald Tsang

                      Chief Executive,

                      The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


Protest against denial of Mr. Jens Galschiot’s entry to Hong Kong


                      We were completely dumbfounded by the Hong Kong SAR Government’s shockingly shameful act of denying Mr. Jens Galschiot’s entry to Hong Kong on the 26th April ,2008.  We write to express our profound regret at such uncivilized act any civilized government would not commit.


Mr. Jens Galschiot is a Danish sculptor, the creator of  the statue “Pillar of Shame” and the organizer of “Color Orange” campaign.  He traveled from London and arrived at Hong Kong at 5:00 p.m., 26th, April,2008.  Upon his arrival, he and his 2 friends were arrested and retained for 6 hours at the Hong Kong International Airport.  He was then accompanied by heavily armed policemen and forced to aboard the original flight back.  All these happened without legitimate reasons made known to the public.


This shocking act of the Hong Kong SAR Government seriously damages the reputation and image of Hong Kong as an international city.  In addition, it casts doubt on the promise of “One Country, Two Systems”.  One has to query if  Hong Kong is now becoming more like China with no freedom of speech and lack of human rights.


Mr. Jens Galschiot had come to Hong Kong twice prior to this incident without any problem.  We would like to know why he was denied entry to Hong Kong this time.  Before he came to Hong Kong, he had announced his itinerary and activities.  All the planned activities are legal and  peaceful.  We have to ask why activities that Hong Kong residents can participate in are denied to foreigners.  What worries us more is that, in future, will Hong Kong residents be denied the freedom to participate in similar types of activities ? 

                The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region refuses to provide the reason for the denial of Mr. Jens Galschiot’s entry to Hong Kong.  We have to believe that there must be some hidden and unexplainable reasons behind the act.  One cannot help but relate the act of denial to Mr. Jens Galschiot’s plan to attend the peaceful demonstration organized by the Hong Kong Alliance In Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China on 2nd of May, to urge the Beijing government to keep their promise of improving human rights in China while hosting the Olympic Games.

                We have the following question for Mr. Donald Tsang : Do you really plan to ban this demonstration activity organized by the Hong Kong Alliance ?


It is the hope of the Hong Kong Alliance that there be a successful Olympic Games, but at the same time, it is also our sincere quest that the promise made by the Beijing government to  improve human rights in China be kept.  The  Hong Kong Alliance supports the unification of China, but we would like to see a peaceful approach to resolve the problems.  As the  Beijing government has already agreed to have an open dialogue with the Dala Lama, we hope that the problems will be resolved peacefully.


We urge the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:

  1. To release a public statement on the reason for denial of Mr. Jens Galschiot’s entry to Hong Kong ;
  2. To stop such uncivilized act of denying people’s legal entry to Hong Kong ;
  3. To ensure all Hong Kong residents, native or not, can enjoy the freedoms of speech, assembly and demonstration.

Thank you for your attention and we await your reply.



Yours truly,

Szeto Wah

Chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance



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