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26 August: Olympic hangover – Media self criticism would be seemly
It is hypocrisy of the worst kind, when the press wonders why there hasn’t been more about the human right in China during the Olympics. The truth is, that the 20,000 sports reporters in Beijing were untamable about the sports performances. They have been acting like a bunch of students from a continuation school on a picnic.

16 August: Usain Bolt wearing orange bracelet to the Olympic 100m gold record-breaking victory in Beijing
During his legendary 100 metres sprint Usain Bolt was wearing an orange bracelet. The orange color has become a sort of ‘secrete’ signal to the world that there’s something wrong about the human rights in China. Also on the rostrum Bolt was wearing the orange bracelet. See the Photo of Usain Bolt wearing the color orange bracelet.

13 August, Rafael Nadal wearing an orange headband in Beijing
I’ve just sent a congratulation letter to Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal who has won a significant Olympic victory. It’s remarkable that Rafa was wearing an orange headband and an orange wristband

Celebrities in Copenhagen
Danish celebreties support The Color Orange. On the occasion of the opening og the Olympics i China, many Danish celebreties dressed up in orange scarfs, in Copenhagen. They wanted to secure, that the opening og the Olympics, was not only presenting China as a well-functioning and modern country.

7 August: Application for permission to demonstrate in Beijing
We hereby apply for permission to make a number of Orange demonstrations in the special protest zones. We are a part of TheColorOrange.net project, which uses the color orange to put focus on the human rights situation in China.

6 August: China’s OG website hacked
On Wednesday TheColorOrange.net received an anonymous telephone call that hackers have changed the headlines of the official Chinese Olympic website into orange, the signal color of the human rights abuses in China

17 July: Tour de France in Narbonne, TheColorOrange photos

2 July: China is to be celebrated – and blamed
Open letter to the participants of the OG2008 distributed to about 30,000 MPs all over the world. An appeal to the world’s politicians, athletes and spectators at the Olympics in Beijing 2008, to use orange as a symbol of critical dialogue with China.

1 july:Kunst gegen Staatswillkür: The Color Orange
Sommerausstellung des Kunstraums unterstützt Projekt von Jens Galschiot .Die Ausstellung läuft vom 1. Juli bis 31. August 2008,im Kunstraum in den Ringstrassen Galerien, Kärntnerring 9-13, 1010 Wien.

Orange sommerfugleaktivister på Roskilde festival
Orange workshop, sommerfugleeffekt, uddeling af orange armbånd og underskriftindsamling på festivalen Orange aktivister står klar til at sætte fokus på menneskerettighederne i Kina, når op mod 100.000 festivaldeltagerne fra hele Europa mødes på Roskilde festivalen.

16 June:The official reply to the complaints from the Immigration Department

16 June: The Control case report from the interview in Hong Kong Airport

10 June: Become active in your local supporting groups
Would you like to join a ColorOrange supporting group in your local area? There are 59 days to the OG2008, so now is the moment to make a massive orange influence by athletes, journalists and other people, for succeeding in creating a butterfly effect, that will make an Orange wind blow in China.

2 June: Press release: Give the Chinese students their history back!
TheColorOrange.net appeals to everybody to wear the orange color on 4th June, the 19th anniversary of the crackdown on the students in 1989 on the Tiananmen Square.

Crafters support The Color Orange!
As a part of the campaign, crafters (knitters, quilters, crocheters, sewers, jewelry makers, paper crafters and what-have-you) will handcraft items for people to wear at the Olympic Games.

25 May: Dutch Olympic Committee President Erica Terpstra makes some statements
Dear Journalistthe. Dutch Olympic Committee President Erica Terpstra makes some statements on the official OG2008 website. She presents herself as a friend of China and praises the development in the country. Terpstra said it's a pity that there have been so much discussions in the West about human rights issues in China that the brilliance of the Games has been somewhat overshadowed.

12-15 May: Site with links to articles about, The Dutch Olympic Committee fears that The Netherlands will be taken as Orange hostage in Beijing 2008.
Site with links to articles about this case: Annemiek Van Der Meer , Communication chief at the National Olympic Committee (NOC) talks against the Orange idea.” The Dutch NOC is unhappy about the action and fears ‘politicisation’ of the Dutch sports colour in their promotion. “We’ll have a look at it and find out how to react”, says spokesperson Annemiek van der Meer in the weekend.

13 May: Press release about the letter to the Dutch NOC
Jens Galschiot explains his view in a letter to the Olympic Comity: the Dutch should be proud. As the only ones, they have the opportunity to support the human rights in China without risking being expelled from the stadium. So the artist emphasizes that his campaign by no means is an attack against the Dutch athletes.

8 May: Press release about IOC retrictions from TheColorOrange
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is trying to avoid political manifestations in Beijing. But IOC risks to be checkmated by the ColorOrange campaign.

7 May: Good advices about wearing The Color Orange during the Olympics 2008
If you’re going to the Olympics in Beijing 2008, and you want to use TheColorOrange as the color of criticism, we will encourage you to consider below points, unless you’re a high profiled politician or the like, who will be inviolable in those connections.

TO OLYMPIC athletes contemplating wearing messages of support for Tibet, Darfur or even the notion of a better world, the International Olympic Committee is saying, "Don't."

In relation to the various discussions held recently, in particular during the ANOC meetings in Beijing, this is to advise you that the IOC has received a number of queries from NOCs as to the conduct of participants, in particular athletes, at the Olympic Games. It is appropriate for the IOC to assist the NOCs – and the members of their delegations including the athletes – by offering the following advice:

30 April: Press release: The Pillar of Shame painted Orange
The eight meter tall sculpture The Pillar of Shame was today painted orange by the Chinese Democracy Movement.

30 April: Photos of The Pillar of Shame painted Orange
Plenty of marvelous photos of the Chinese democracy movement and the students painting The Pillar of Shame Orange.

28. April: The government of Hong Kong is lying about the reason for expulsion
The government has just declared to the press in Hong Kong, that our three activists were sent back home, because the insurance papers for erecting the Pillar of Shame some years ago, were not in order. This is a sheer lie! And the government should know that, as it appears in the papers here, it was exactly on this condition the sculpture was erected

29 April: Radio RTHK interviews Jens Galschiot
Is there a blacklist for visitors to HK (Olympic Torch Relay)

26 April Hong Kong Airport, Latest news: Orange group denied entrance to HK
26 April Hong Kong Airport, Jens Galschiot and the Orange group have been denied entrance to Hong Kong. They are returning to Denmark and will arrive at the airport of Copenhagen Sunday 27th 9.55 am, BA812 from Heathrow

25 April: The Chinese Democracy movement press releases
This evening the flight for thecolororange team will settle its way towards Hong Kong. The contact person for The Chinese Democracy movement will wait for their arrival in the airport tomorrow afternoon. The movement has just written these two press releases for the Chinese newspapers

Stafetløb for menneskerettigheder i Kina
Amnesty International inviterer til et alternativt OL-stafetløb den 4. maj i København for at sætte fokus på de udbredte krænkelser af menneskerettighederne, der foregår i Kina

Nynne Pedersen and her school have made and event to support the Color Orange
In connection to the main event, the fotoclass made an exhibition with pictures that uses the colour orange as a theme. The exhibition and its purpose can be seen on this link

23 April: Go Orange in 2008: An article by Dan Bloom
A Danish artist has launched a global protest campaign against human rights abuses in China using the color orange. It's a brilliant idea, simple and completely non-violent and peaceful. He wants people who attend the Olympics in Beijing this summer to wear orange-colored shirts, hats, neckties, shoes and dresses...

21. juni: Aktion på gågaden i Odense og møde på Galleri Galschiøt om Kina, sport, politik og Orange
Fra kl. 18 serveres pølser på grill. Debatmøde kl. 19 i galleriet med Frank Aaen (Enhedslisten), Jens Galschiøt (TheColorOrange), Anja Bollerup-Jensen og Peder Pedersen (tidligere verdensmester i cykling)

17 April: The Olympic Torch will be met with orange actions when it comes to China
The Chinese Democracy Movement in Hong Kong in cooperation with Danish artist Jens Galschiot are going to make sure that also on Chinese ground, orange actions will be made to put focus on human rights in China during the Torch relay and the following ceremonies in Hong Kong.

14 April: The pen is stronger than the sword
This is the time! You can make a difference about the human rights in China. Help us spreading the idea and the symbol TheColorOrange, involve in the debate in your country, region and town, write letters to newspapers, contact the press, show up wearing something orange at meetings, sports events, and suggest that those who are going to the Olympics 2008 make use of TheColorOrange

2 April: Interview with Jens Galschiot for Brazilian biggest daily newspaper, Folha de S.Paulo

1 April. Help us making Orange actions when the Olympic Torch continues!
After the planned route through Greece the Torch will continue hand-to-hand by torchbearers in different countries around the world. Perhaps you're exactly in the right place at the right time! Here yo'll find the route of the Torch.

28 March: Greek police bans orange clothes
10 orange activists have been forbidden to follow the Olympic Torch in Greece. They were stopped already 70 kilometres from the city of Larissa, where they had planned to be a peaceful part of the Torch Relay.

Video: BBC television about activists from TheColorOrange
Danish activists are being withheld in Greece, 28. March 2008, during the Olympic torch relay.

24 March: Lightning of the Olympic Torch
10 Danish orange activists left Denmark to join the ceremony, when the Olympic Torch is being handed over to Beijing’s Olympic Committee 30. March in Athens. The activists will wear orange clothing, and follow the torch the last 3 days from Larisa (28/3) and spread the idea about using the color orange as criticism against China during the Olympics in Beijing 2008.

Demonstration in Poland - see the photos where the demonstrants are using the Color Orange
9th of March 2008, in front of Chinese Ambassy in Warsaw, Poland there was a peaceful demonstration against illegal occupation of Tibet. The demonstration was organised by activists from Tibetan Program of Inna Przestrzen Foundation to commemorate the 49th anniversary of national uprising in Tibet and to protest against using the Olympic Games in Beijing as political instrument justifying illegal occupation of Tibet and covering human rights violations in this country.

6th March: The Color Orange is going to be art theme of a summer exibition in a gallery in Viena
Hubert Thurnhofer and his colleagues at 'der Kunstraum' in Viena decided immediately to support the project and dedicate the group exibition this summer to Color Orange

Olympic Torch Relay
22th February, Athens: We are sending a team to Greece to join the ceremony when the Olympic Torch is handed over to the Olympic committee of Beijing in Athens March 30th

8th February: The Chinese democracy movement endorses TheColorOrange
The Chinese democracy movement endorses TheColorOrange. The Hong Kong Alliance, one of the cornerstones of the Chinese democracy movement has now decided to join the orange manifestations. The Alliance will take an active role in the campaign and will issue orange wristbands, handkerchiefs, T-shirts and other accessories to be used in the manifestations connected to the Olympics in Beijing 2008.

6th February :The Danish Radio programme P1 with Jens Galschiot
Jens Galschiot tells about his project, The Color Orange and the lack of human rights in China.

News mail about support sent out jan. 2008
This appeal of support for The Color Orange Project was first sent out in January 2008, to about 25,000 individuals and NGO's all over the world. If you have not received it, then sign up for the newsletter, and then you will receive e-mails about the project in the future. Support the project by copying the following request and send it to your own mailing list.

My Space and The Color Orange
Thune Kirk from Denmark has opened My Space profile for The Color Orange

Face Book and The Color Orange
Lasse Markus from Denmark and others have opened a TheColorOrange Face Book group titled "The Color Orange". There's also another one titled "The Colour Orange"

Tv2 Fyn feature about The Color Orange 6th of January 2008
Tv2 Fyn feature about The Color Orange project(the program is in Danish)

The Danish newspaper 'Politiken' writes about The Color Orange 7th of January 2008

Debat TV2 blok januar 2008
Debat TV2 blok januar 2008

MetroExpress about The Color Orange project the 9th of January 2008
A Danish article about the project

Danish article 6th of January 2008
'Fyens Stiftstidende' writes about The Color Orange

The Tibet Post International 08 January 2008
The Tibet Post International 08 January 2008

About 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China
Debate about boycott the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China

Wikipedia and The Color Orange

Neww polska Network of East West Women

Blog UBH, union de bloggers hispanos

Blokspot Responsables de hacer feliz

Blog debate: meneame.net/story/puede-china-prohibir-color-naranja

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3 de setiembre: Resaca Olímpica - Autocrítica de la prensa sería apropiada

16 de agosto: Usain Bolt ha usado un brazalete naranja en su record Olímpico de los 100m en Pekín

13 de agosto: Rafael Nadal lleva una cinta del pelo naranja en Pekín

7 de agosto: Solicitud para poderse manifestar en Pekín

6 de agosto: ¿La página web oficial hakeada?

17 de julio: Vuelta de Francia y TheColorOrange a Narbonne, fotos

2 de julio: Carta abierta a 30.000 miembros de parlamentos


10 de junio: The Color Orange os necesita para crear un viento Naranja en China Haz click para más información sobre los grupos de colaboración Color Orange 

Videos y otra información sobre las actividades en Hong Kong

12- 15 de mayo: Comité Olímpico holandés teme que Holanda sea tomada como rehén de Orange en Pekín 2008

8 de mayo: Buenos consejos sobre como llevar el color naranja durante las Olimpiadas de 2008


8 de mayo: el COI está intantando evitar cualquier manifestación política en Pekín

30 de abril: La Columna de la Infamia pintada de Naranja. Ver las fotos

30 de abril:

A pesar de la expulsión el Movimiento Democrático

seguirá y comenzará hoy a pintar

La Columna de la Infamia de Naranja

28 de abril de 2008: Declaración del equipo ColorOrange al que se le denegó la entrada a Hong Kong

A Jens Galschiot y al grupo Orange se les ha denegado la entrada a Hong Kong. Ellos han vuelto a Dinamarca. Divulgaremos más información lo más pronto posible. Leer más

Video de la BBC sobre

los activistas en Grecia

17 de abril: La Antorcha Olímpica será

recibida con acciones naranja cuando llegue a China

La pluma es más fuerte que la espada


a realizar acciones Naranjas

cuando la Antorcha Olímpica continúe


28 de marzo 2008

La policía griega prohíbe la ropa naranja durante el relevo de la Antorcha Olímpica

Activistas daneses parados por la policía griega

A 10 activistas Naranja se les ha prohibido seguir a la Antorcha Olímpica en Grecia. Fueron parados a 70 kilómetros de la ciudad de Larissa, donde se tenía previsto realizar un acto pacífico en el Relevo de la Antorcha.

Acción Naranja a la

ceremonia de encender 

la Antorcha Olímpica



Hemos enviado un equipo

a Grecia para asistir a

la ceremonia de encendido

de la Antorcha Olímpica

en la antigua Olímpia el 24 de marzo.

Los días siguientes nuestro equipo

seguirá la ruta de la Antorcha en Grecia.

Leer más

El movimiento democrático chino apoya la campaña

The Color Orange

La Alianza de Hong Kong, una de la mayores

 fuerzas motrices del movimiento democrático chino

ha decidido de apoyar las manifestaciones Naranja.

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