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Rap star goes Orange
The young female rap star Keny Arkana was wearing an orange T-shirt to one of her concerts in support of TheColorOrange project

Orange for Free Tibet
A 3-meters high sculpture made by Gauthier Dupuy in Gruissan as an appeal for human rights in Tibet

Celebrities in Copenhagen
Danish celebreties support The Color Orange. On the occasion of the opening og the Olympics i China, many Danish celebreties dressed up in orange scarfs, in Copenhagen. They wanted to secure, that the opening og the Olympics, was not only presenting China as a well-functioning and modern country.

7 August: Application for permission to demonstrate in Beijing
We hereby apply for permission to make a number of Orange demonstrations in the special protest zones. We are a part of TheColorOrange.net project, which uses the color orange to put focus on the human rights situation in China.

A Color Orange action in Alicante, Spain
Oscar Gimeno and the local Color Orange group in Alicante have hung up orange flags in palm trees.

2 July: China is to be celebrated – and blamed
Open letter to the participants of the OG2008 distributed to about 30,000 MPs all over the world. An appeal to the world’s politicians, athletes and spectators at the Olympics in Beijing 2008, to use orange as a symbol of critical dialogue with China.

1 july:Kunst gegen Staatswillkür: The Color Orange
Sommerausstellung des Kunstraums unterstützt Projekt von Jens Galschiot .Die Ausstellung läuft vom 1. Juli bis 31. August 2008,im Kunstraum in den Ringstrassen Galerien, Kärntnerring 9-13, 1010 Wien.

Orange sommerfugleaktivister på Roskilde festival
Orange workshop, sommerfugleeffekt, uddeling af orange armbånd og underskriftindsamling på festivalen Orange aktivister står klar til at sætte fokus på menneskerettighederne i Kina, når op mod 100.000 festivaldeltagerne fra hele Europa mødes på Roskilde festivalen.

15 June: Bitter Orange
A dance show by the association Gymnastique volontaire of Gruissan based on the idea of The Color Orange

PETITION: Support The Tianmen Mothers
Sign the petition of The Tiananmen Mothers to show that the 4th June crackdown has not been forgotten.

64 Campaign
Wear the number 64 on your T-shirt to show solidarity with the Chinese democratic movement

Isabelle Duffaud supports the idea
"We need to be stronger all together"

Crafters support The Color Orange!
As a part of the campaign, crafters (knitters, quilters, crocheters, sewers, jewelry makers, paper crafters and what-have-you) will handcraft items for people to wear at the Olympic Games.

Can China ban the color orange - banner

Tibetan flags around Mont Blanc
Pascale Ribault from France launches a remarcable project: to put a Tibetan flag on each summit over 4000 m high around the Mont Blanc.

TheColorOrangeBanner for your website,
29 april:Martin Rude from Denmark has made this cool flashbanner, you can put it on your website and support thecolororange through publicity.

Flemming Erslev supports TheColorOrange
Flemming Erslev has put info on his webpage about The Color Orange, bringing ideas for the use of color orange, and also he has published contributions and appeals printed on orange paper(the great majority in Danish)

Marie has written a French blog about The Color Orange

Orange Skies
Georgia has written the poem Orange Skies, and on her website she is inviting people to support the campaign

Tom Levold has written about The Color Orange in his German System magazine

23 April: Go Orange in 2008: An article by Dan Bloom
A Danish artist has launched a global protest campaign against human rights abuses in China using the color orange. It's a brilliant idea, simple and completely non-violent and peaceful. He wants people who attend the Olympics in Beijing this summer to wear orange-colored shirts, hats, neckties, shoes and dresses...

21. juni: Aktion på gågaden i Odense og møde på Galleri Galschiøt om Kina, sport, politik og Orange
Fra kl. 18 serveres pølser på grill. Debatmøde kl. 19 i galleriet med Frank Aaen (Enhedslisten), Jens Galschiøt (TheColorOrange), Anja Bollerup-Jensen og Peder Pedersen (tidligere verdensmester i cykling)

17 April: The Olympic Torch will be met with orange actions when it comes to China
The Chinese Democracy Movement in Hong Kong in cooperation with Danish artist Jens Galschiot are going to make sure that also on Chinese ground, orange actions will be made to put focus on human rights in China during the Torch relay and the following ceremonies in Hong Kong.

14 April: The pen is stronger than the sword
This is the time! You can make a difference about the human rights in China. Help us spreading the idea and the symbol TheColorOrange, involve in the debate in your country, region and town, write letters to newspapers, contact the press, show up wearing something orange at meetings, sports events, and suggest that those who are going to the Olympics 2008 make use of TheColorOrange

A beautiful orange poem by Noelene Bishop

Mikkel has written a Danish blog about the color orange

Orange Digt

1 April. Help us making Orange actions when the Olympic Torch continues!
After the planned route through Greece the Torch will continue hand-to-hand by torchbearers in different countries around the world. Perhaps you're exactly in the right place at the right time! Here yo'll find the route of the Torch.

Anne Risum, Denmark, has some great ideas for artistic orange postcards
Anne is a visual artist from Denmark. Read about her ideas for the campaign

Oscar Gimeno has written about the campaign in a English and Spanish blog

Tom Levold supports TheColorOrange
Tom Levold has put info on his webpage about TheColorOrange

Peace, safety, health and justice...
Marcia Tavernese, visual artist in Canada, sent us an image as her gift to the project. It was created in response and support of the efforts of the campaign

Orange, the Color of Oppression
This is what Songshen from Norway hopes for the Color Orange to become. Inspired by the symbolism of the color, he added a link to his own website with descriptions and images about the campaign. Also he has made a video to the Color Orange song, which you can see on YouTube too

24 March: Lightning of the Olympic Torch
10 Danish orange activists left Denmark to join the ceremony, when the Olympic Torch is being handed over to Beijing’s Olympic Committee 30. March in Athens. The activists will wear orange clothing, and follow the torch the last 3 days from Larisa (28/3) and spread the idea about using the color orange as criticism against China during the Olympics in Beijing 2008.

Poland is in!
A link from Poland with a logo.

March 14th: Orange, Orange, Who wants an Orange?
Helena Mikas received a gift of orange bracelets from a contact in Tibet. The color was an idea inspired by our ColorOrange campaign. Read about The Freedom Bracelet in her blog

Chinas Genocide Olympics
A collection of links

6th March, Color Orange videos on YouTube
Jack Churchward, Florida, has uploaded two Color Orange videos with delicious words and oranges..

Olympic Knives
Brian Felde sent this olympic logo, which is set up around the Chinese character for knife

February 2008, Mandala blog about Color Orange
Charlotte Wulff Kreipke has written about the project in a Mandala blog. This initiative gave a lot of positive comments from new supporters..

February 22nd, Cooking for humanity
Eva Szazs is using The Color Orange in her food-blog

My Space and The Color Orange
Thune Kirk from Denmark has opened My Space profile for The Color Orange

Helena Mikas in Berlin
Blog: Helena Mikas in Berlin. The Colour Orange is calling you .

A Danish poem about the 5 Olympic rings by Bjarne Kim Pedersen
Bjarne Kim Pedersen has written a poem about OG in China, The Color Orange and the 5 olympic rings

Wikipedia and The Color Orange

Inspiration from China: How to find prominent people and organisations ready to support us

Man kan bære orange bånd, evt. som sløjfe (se billede). En let og billig men demonstrativ løsning (båndet koster kun få kr. pr. meter).
Med venlig hilsen

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26 August: Olympic hangover – Media self criticism would be seemly

16 August: Usain Bolt wearing orange bracelet to the Olympic 100m gold record-breaking victory in Beijing

13 August: Rafael Nadal wearing an orange headband in Beijjing

7 August: Application for permission to demonstrate in the 3 special protest zones during OG in Beijing 2008

6 August: China’s OG website hacked ??

17July: Tour de France and TheColorOrange in Narbonne, photos

2 July: Open letter to the participants of the OG2008 distributed to about 30,000 MPs all over the world.

10 June: The Color Orange needs you!! to make an Orange wind blow in China. Click here for more information about The Color Orange supporting groups 

Videos and other information about the activities in Hong Kong

12-15 May: Link to article about this case: The Dutch Olympic Committee fears that The Netherlands will be taken as Orange hostage in Beijing 2008.

8 May: Advises about the use of The Color Orange at the Olympics in Beijing 2008, and the IOC’s latest words of restrictions and dress-code.

8 May: IOC is trying to avoid political manifestations during OG 2008.

30 April: The Pillar of Shame painted orange. See the photos

30 April:  Make pieces of orange cloth and tie them on to sculptures all over the cities where you live and give moral support to the Chinese democracy fighters.

28 April: Declaration  

from TheColorOrange team that was refused entrance into Hong Kong

TheColorOrange in Hong Kong

26 April to 6 May
See all the latest news and pictures
of our orange activities in Hong Kong
when the Olympic Torch arrives

BBC TV about 

TheColorOrange in Greece

17 April: Olympic Torch will be met

with orange actions when it comes to China

14 April: The pen is stronger than the sword

28 March 2008

Greek police bans orange clothes
  during Olympic Torch Relay

Danish activists stopped by the Greek police

The Chinese democracy

 movement backs

The Color Orange Campaign

The Hong Kong Alliance, one of the cornerstones

 of the Chinese democracy movement has now

decided to join the orange manifestations.

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