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The government has just declared to Steve Chan from Hong Kong Economic Journal, that our three activists were sent back home, because of lack of insurance papers for making an art installation in Victoria Park in connection to the WTO meeting in Hong Kong, December 2005.


We have sent a reply to the Hong Kong Economic Journal with the following text:


Thanks a lot for the information of Hong Kong government's statement about our insurance papers. We can inform you, that if Hong Kong's government said, we don't have our insurance papers in order; this is a shear lie, and they must know that, because as you can see on the attached document, this was exact the condition of setting up the sculpture.


We have sent the following papers to the government of Hong Kong, so this must be the world's worst apologize for not allowing three men entering Hong Kong. We had 16,313,900 Hong Kong Dollar in insurance. We attach the three documents,

see all photos from Galschiots Mad Cow Disease art installation at the WTO meeting in Hong Kong

Letter from Leisure and Cultural service department about the condition for the sculpture erection

Letter from Danish Insurance firm to confirm the dkr 10 millions  insurance

Insurance number sent to the government of Hong Kong SAR Dec 2005

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26 August: Olympic hangover – Media self criticism would be seemly

16 August: Usain Bolt wearing orange bracelet to the Olympic 100m gold record-breaking victory in Beijing

13 August: Rafael Nadal wearing an orange headband in Beijjing

7 August: Application for permission to demonstrate in the 3 special protest zones during OG in Beijing 2008

6 August: China’s OG website hacked ??

17July: Tour de France and TheColorOrange in Narbonne, photos

2 July: Open letter to the participants of the OG2008 distributed to about 30,000 MPs all over the world.

10 June: The Color Orange needs you!! to make an Orange wind blow in China. Click here for more information about The Color Orange supporting groups 

Videos and other information about the activities in Hong Kong

12-15 May: Link to article about this case: The Dutch Olympic Committee fears that The Netherlands will be taken as Orange hostage in Beijing 2008.

8 May: Advises about the use of The Color Orange at the Olympics in Beijing 2008, and the IOC’s latest words of restrictions and dress-code.

8 May: IOC is trying to avoid political manifestations during OG 2008.

30 April: The Pillar of Shame painted orange. See the photos

30 April:  Make pieces of orange cloth and tie them on to sculptures all over the cities where you live and give moral support to the Chinese democracy fighters.

28 April: Declaration  

from TheColorOrange team that was refused entrance into Hong Kong

TheColorOrange in Hong Kong

26 April to 6 May
See all the latest news and pictures
of our orange activities in Hong Kong
when the Olympic Torch arrives

BBC TV about 

TheColorOrange in Greece

17 April: Olympic Torch will be met

with orange actions when it comes to China

14 April: The pen is stronger than the sword

28 March 2008

Greek police bans orange clothes
  during Olympic Torch Relay

Danish activists stopped by the Greek police

The Chinese democracy

 movement backs

The Color Orange Campaign

The Hong Kong Alliance, one of the cornerstones

 of the Chinese democracy movement has now

decided to join the orange manifestations.

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