Good advices about wearing

The Color Orange during the Olympics 2008

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Press release 8 May about IOC retrictions from TheColorOrange

IOC’s restrictions (5 May 2008) about ways of expressing.

Informative article from the Wall Street Journal and AP

Advises about the use of the color orange at the Olympics in Beijing 2008, and the IOC’s latest words of restrictions and dress-code.


For athletes, officials, journalists and audience at the Olympics:



Good advices about wearing The Color Orange during the Olympics 2008


When you’re reading the newest restrictions from IOC, TheColorOrange seems to be the only way to express criticism at the stadium. To wear an orange shirt, bracelet, tie, pen, or even peeling an orange etc. is some kind of playing with the symbols, but the Chinese authorities and the IOC have years of experience in preventing these things. So to make a happy ending of this peaceful game, there are some precautions:


If you’re going to the Olympics in Beijing 2008, and you want to use TheColorOrange as the color of criticism, we will encourage you to consider below points, unless you’re a high profiled politician or the like, who will be inviolable in those connections.


  1. Read the IOC’s restrictions (5 May 2008) about ways of expressing, and dress code for the Olympics 2008, sent out to the national sections of the IOC, and an informative article from the Wall Street Journal and AP.


  1. According to the IOC’s letter, it’s not permitted for anyone to wear any form of protest against China, or other statements in the Olympics stadium. On the other hand, outside the stadium it’s allowed for anyone to express themselves, even to the athletes.


  1. It’s not forbidden to use something orange. But you’ll risk, it could be forbidden and cause troubles, if you say, that you’re using the orange color to put a focus on the violations of the human rights in China, or that you support the campaign TheColorOrange. Therefore if you’re using something orange, for example an orange hat, or peel an orange to a press conference, then if someone asks you, why you’re using orange, you’ll have to say, while smiling large or just little, : “Orange is a lovely color, and it fits me”, or the like of banal sayings:)


  1. It can be an advantage to wear orange clothes from ordinary approved companies, for example Nike or better Adidas, who is one of the main sponsors for the Olympics. This will make it even more difficult to stop TheColorOrange.


  1. When you’ve been on the stadium, you can of course tell people, why you were using orange, and put a focus on your view of the human rights in China. TheColorOrange is meant to be used as a sort of common symbol for every China critics like the Chinese democracy-movements, Falun Gong, Amnesty International, the Darfur and Tibet- committees, and others who would like a China with more respect for the basic human rights.


Have a good time. We’re looking forward to see you in the TV-reports from the Olympics in Beijing 2008, as we from TheColorOrange can’t get a visa to either China or Hong Kong.


Friendly Orange greetings from

TheColorOrange Team

& Jens Galschiot


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