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In order to make it a success it is of utter importance that this project becomes a global event. It is necessary that all journalists who comment on the Olympics are aware of “the Colour Orange” being the symbol of suppression in China.

The majority (likely up to 80 %) of the tickets to the Olympics have been sold or booked to Chinese spectators. In a country like China you might expect that these tickets are being sold to supporters of the regime. In addition, there will be strict control with these spectators, so we should not expect many of them willing to join this campaign. Most of the people that will manifest with the colour orange will most likely be foreigners. Consequently, we might not see an ocean of orange scarves among the spectators, but as in any other dictatorship you will need to look for the small details. Nonetheless, we need to orient the campaign against the Chinese people so that they are aware of the symbol of the colour orange. One might also imagine that some Chinese people within this huge country would use the occasion to make a protest against the system by wearing the colour orange during the time that the Olympics are carried out in China.

The idea is that people are wearing some orange and that this is noted as television pans over the stadium or shows close-ups of some of the athletes. As athletes and spectators arrive in the airports people will comment on the fact that they are carrying for example an orange purse - or maybe why they don’t. In order to make all this come true it usually requires a three-figure million amount in advertising, and we only have a few thousands. So truly this is kind of like David’s fight against Goliath. That is why this event can only succeed by uniting all powers and using the colour orange in many creative ways. There are no limits: every single person can define how and in which context to use orange. However, you might be aware that if you print text or symbols on the orange objects then China may deny them by labelling them as political propaganda.


Websites: The internet domain thecolororange.net will be the catalyst for this event. On this site the press and other interested will be able to get information and inspiration on how to use orange creatively in connection with the Olympics 2008.


The website will include:

A list of the people supporting the project and who want to use the colour orange in connection with the Olympics. You can add yourself directly on the website and there will be links to other websites that are using the colour orange.

A mailing list will be set up containing the names of all the people that want information on the progress of the event.

A catalogue will be made with links to websites that debate and shed light on human rights violations in China.

The website will also be used to disseminate news to the press on the progress of the event and there will be photos and articles for download.


The Internet: We will send out the appeals through Jens Galschiot’s network (AIDOH) with a request for people to pass it on through their own networks. This should make it possible for the project to reach a lot of people. The AIDOH network includes some 35,000 people with close connection to the media, activism, NGOs and art activities all over the world. In addition to this, we expect that many of the affiliated organizations and others will send out the request through their own networks.

We will create different profiles, newsgroups, debate forums on the internet, for example on www.facebook.com. In Second Life we will request people to wear orange scarves and so on during the week that the Olympics take place.

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26 August: Olympic hangover – Media self criticism would be seemly

16 August: Usain Bolt wearing orange bracelet to the Olympic 100m gold record-breaking victory in Beijing

13 August: Rafael Nadal wearing an orange headband in Beijjing

7 August: Application for permission to demonstrate in the 3 special protest zones during OG in Beijing 2008

6 August: China’s OG website hacked ??

17July: Tour de France and TheColorOrange in Narbonne, photos

2 July: Open letter to the participants of the OG2008 distributed to about 30,000 MPs all over the world.

10 June: The Color Orange needs you!! to make an Orange wind blow in China. Click here for more information about The Color Orange supporting groups 

Videos and other information about the activities in Hong Kong

12-15 May: Link to article about this case: The Dutch Olympic Committee fears that The Netherlands will be taken as Orange hostage in Beijing 2008.

8 May: Advises about the use of The Color Orange at the Olympics in Beijing 2008, and the IOC’s latest words of restrictions and dress-code.

8 May: IOC is trying to avoid political manifestations during OG 2008.

30 April: The Pillar of Shame painted orange. See the photos

30 April:  Make pieces of orange cloth and tie them on to sculptures all over the cities where you live and give moral support to the Chinese democracy fighters.

28 April: Declaration  

from TheColorOrange team that was refused entrance into Hong Kong

TheColorOrange in Hong Kong

26 April to 6 May
See all the latest news and pictures
of our orange activities in Hong Kong
when the Olympic Torch arrives

BBC TV about 

TheColorOrange in Greece

17 April: Olympic Torch will be met

with orange actions when it comes to China

14 April: The pen is stronger than the sword

28 March 2008

Greek police bans orange clothes
  during Olympic Torch Relay

Danish activists stopped by the Greek police

The Chinese democracy

 movement backs

The Color Orange Campaign

The Hong Kong Alliance, one of the cornerstones

 of the Chinese democracy movement has now

decided to join the orange manifestations.

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